"GagCokane" soundpack for World Of Warcraft.


Welcome to the page for my custom Gag Soundpack info and downloads.

Here you can download the soundpack and follow the updates and changes made.

Everything that is being worked on wil be listed on the "Downloads Gag" Page.


Make sure that when you use "Curse Client"

for updating your addons , you update GAG !

this is verry important because my soundpack wil only work

if you have the original addon installed.

Always check this site for updates about the soundpack!


If you skip an update you will get errors and you can start over again.

I will be releasing different "soundpacks" just to keep things small.

This is because i update them often and any changes made

in the future will be easier to go about !


Please enjoy the soundpack and let me know what can be changed or made better.


Mail : Cokane!

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